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Professional Products

There comes a time when large investors, and fund managers need to delegate responsibility for their investments to qualified professionals in order to ensure the highest total return on their investments. This is especially true for investments that require class action monitoring, settlement claim filing and loss recovery.

Class action settlements and claim filing are a couple of the most commonly overlooked aspects of portfolio management, and when not done properly, result in the loss of hundreds of millions in settlement awards to professional money managers each year. Over 70% of the settlement claims awarded in class action settlements are never claimed by the investors. in some cases settlement claim filing done incorrectly can also result in the loss of Millions of dollars for the fund managers.

This is where the Shareholders Foundation steps in, offering complete class action monitoring, alert, and claim filing services for professional money managers.

The Shareholders Foundation works with you, monitoring the portfolio with our proprietary alert engineĀ® for past, current, and future class actions, independent actions, and claim settlements. Alerting you of cases and settlements that your portfolio may be exposed to, affected by, or eligible to participate in. Then, we complete the process by preparing the claim properly to ensure the maximum award, verifying the award with the claim administrator, submitting the claim on your behalf, and tracking the claim through award delivery. The Shareholders Foundation becomes a crucial member of your investment team, helping complete a balanced entirety to your professional management services.

With our professional portfolio management, you enjoy these important benefits:

1. We do all the entry, reconciliation and normalization for you. You simple provide the data. 2. Ongoing monitoring of investigations, cases, settlement, claim filing, and settlement award delivery. 3. Personalized alerts and reports for your portfolio, available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 4. Professional preparation of settlement documentation, pre-filing award confirmation with claim administrator. 5. Timely award confirmation and delivery.

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